Art. Spirituality. Health. Community. Entrepreneurship.



My art is inspired by the possibilities of the universe. I have experienced a reality that a lot of people would consider fictitious. Every. Single. Thing. that I've dreamed of has come true.  Maybe that's the nature of the reality we live in. Or maybe I'm a wizard. Or both? I live in a world where things can exist at the same time. I know that in my life there is this very special realm that I live in. I call it the 8th sea. I'm not here to impress anyone. Or sound cool and academic. Or to sooth anyone's spiritual insecurities. I'm here to live my truth. And if my art inspires you, then wonderful, that's just the cherry on top. I hope to encourage you to look outside of the world that has been constructed for you. There are so many people that wanna press their desires onto you, and act out their desires for them. I encourage you to take your life into your own hands and live it how you want to. The only freedom we have in our lives is the freedom to choose. 


In concrete words, I am a music video producer and director. I enjoy urban lifestyle & party photography. And I am a queer, and transgender person of color. But I am non-attached to those labels because no matter what my identity is really too complex to put a simple label onto it. I am an outsider, but also so connected to the world around me. I enjoy producing music, especially ambient and experimental electronic music and hip hop. I grew up doing almost every medium of visual arts you could think of. Ceramics, yes. Painting, yes. Oil. Acrylic. Watercolor, and even making my own food based paints, yes. Screen printing, Yes. Mosaics & collages, absolutely. The list just keeps going on. I also have had my fair share of performance arts, dancing, singing and improv acting amongst many others. 


I consider myself an artistic prodigy. I've been making art since the age of 4. Artistic prodigy to me isn't an egotistical thing, legit the definition means a person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities. I knew that I had strong artistic abilities from a young age. Again, not from the ego. But from a pure creativity standpoint. I had creative energy coursing through my veins. I understand how to become skillful at any medium of art relatively fast. I understand the foundations of learning that will make me successful and fulfilled at what I do. I don't really question whether or not my artwork is "nice" because the act of creating art is one of the most enjoyable things about being an artist. 


Now as I'm getting older I've solidified that art is my path. It's my only path. I have no choice but to become a successful artist. Not because I don't have a choice. I most definitely could become a doctor if I wanted to. I could become a biologist, or a plane engineer. But that would be one waste of human potential. Every time I've steered too far off the artistic path, I start feeling emotionally unstable, unhealthy, and just overall miserable. Every time I pursue art and when I'm with other artistic individuals, I re-enter the 8th sea. 


Entrepreneurship is about identifying an issue that is affecting the world and finding a solution that is beneficial

Entrepreneurship is about finding your purpose in life and doing whatever it takes to be your version of successful in your field of choice.

Entrepreneurship is about becoming a better version of you and maximizing your potential - you never know who's life you can change.

Entrepreneurship is about community empowerment.

Entrepreneurship is about creating win-win situations. 

Entrepreneurship is about being grateful for what you have while knowing what you want to create.

Entrepreneurship is not about making money - money will lead you astray. 

With that being said, once you become skilled at what you do and stay focused and put the work in day after day after day after day, the money will come. 

Entrepreneurship is about making connections with new people

Entrepreneurship is about challenging current belief systems

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, once you understand it, it can grant you a certain level of freedom. 

Entrepreneurship has saved my life. Because of entrepreneurship I've had the opportunity to explore pathways that aren't historically pathways I'm supposed to follow. I've had the opportunity to make a career out of things that are important to me on a deep level and that are sustainable over a period of time.