Gratitude. I am grateful for my community and my life experiences and of course the universe/multiverse or whatever allows me to exist and experience.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to everyone who recommends me when someone is in need of a videographer/filmmaker/artist/musician.


I currently have 5 paid video gigs right now which is tight.

All gigs are creating content that is valuable to me and the communities around me. It makes me happy that I can be paid to do a lot of things that I love and with people that I care about and/or will begin to care about.

Even though all of my money is going toward bills/food. It's a great start to my career. I'm only 21. I'm out here hustling, following my dreams despite of my circumstances.

I grew up in HELLA poverty - My parents tried to give me up for adoption ( ended up getting adopted by my grandma) - Lived through many traumatic experiences - I thought I was going to die at 20 from like drug overdose or something else.

Here I am though. I'm here. I've lived 1000 lifetimes. Honestly truly. My experience of life is multidimensional. I've experienced so many ways of being, thinking and knowing. I've rediscovered what it means to be TRULY healthy. On a cellular level.

I took a risk. I left college, sacrificed cheap rent. Secure apartment. A traditional 4 year track to a college degree. And I moved back to Seattle. I am living on my own largely.

My risks are paying off. I am following my fucking dreams. Not waiting for permission from ANYBODY. Pure fire baby.

Not gonna lie. I still struggle. That's apart of the beauty knowing that I can always move through the struggle. The struggle just tells me about where I can grow. I am growing. These are growing pains. In my case - the struggle has given me wisdom.

I have a vision. I know what I want from my life. I have strategy. I have love. Community. A deeper understanding of life that makes sense to me. Skills, art & passion for learning. Compassion for others. That's all I NEED - regardless of my circumstances. My vision & clarity will carry me. My knowing for the experiences I choose to have.

I've experienced almost everything I've envisioned for myself so far whether physical, spiritual, mental etc. This is truth. Whether it's positive, negative, neutral and beyond polarization. It's tight. It feels like I have super powers.

I am truly grateful, thank you everyone. Support the people in your community - it can do wonders.








Following My Dreams

Lately I've been apathetic. 

Not because that's my true state.

But because I've been engaged with social media way too much.

So I made a commitment to myself to start posting on my blog rather than social media to get some of my thoughts out.

Even though there aren't those sweet red notifications representing community and social connection.

It'll be healthier for my brain in the long term. 

Social media NEVER paint's the full picture, if there is one.

Social media is filled with emotionally charged opinions and cat pictures.

Either way, Facebook sells our data for profit anyway.

And we let them.

I'd like to make facebook a few pennies less. 

Model my actions after my words. 

Know that the monopolies that are present in our current day capitalistic society don't own me.